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The Hafler Trio at EMS – release on Hljóðaklettar.

July 7, 2012

I just finished a 10 day stay at EMS in Stockholm together with Andrew McKenzie (aka The Hafler Trio/h3o) and Tommi Keränen. We were working on a new The Hafler Trio (h3o) project.

This project will be released on Hljóðaklettar. Also, this will be a workshop ending with a long performance. H3o will be doing a 3-5 day workshop, where participants learn various technics involved in performing the 13 hour scored piece. This will involve various theoretical and practical exercises, training the participants in Deep Concentration, Learning & Perception, System Analysis, Physical Technics and other fields. This was successfully tried out with students of the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Denmark in 2009. Participants were very happy about the result and many have expressed their interest in participating again if possible.

We are looking for partners to make the workshop / performance happen in winter 2012 and in 2013.

Please contact @ Hljodaklettar if you find this interesting.

The release will be very special edition. On an external drive. With 13 hour pieces in surround sound.

More info on that later.

Another h3o release will come soon. As the first one in a series of limited edition loop tapes on Hljodaklettar. More info soon.


DJ Musician – Euro Trash 2012

June 9, 2012

Hljóðaklettar proudly present the Icelandic participation of the EURO 2012, European Football Championship.

DJ Musician – Euro Trash 2012: (Catalog HKDIG#1)  A collection of the national anthems, re-imagined by DJ Musician, of the countries participating in the UEFA EURO 2012 – European Football Championship in June. This collection is a Hljóðaklettar digital release.

Euro Trash

It’s happy hour in Europe!!

Youtube playlist here and vimeo site here, where the videos can be downloaded.

Homepage of the project here.

This will be available for purchase in better quality at a selected digital stores soon. (not that you´ll need this trash in good quality, but we´ll give you the choice to reward your favourite DJ all his hard work)

This is a creative commons, can be used and distributed as you like.


4 hour festival in Copenhagen with Runar Magnusson and Petur Eyvindsson amongst others

May 10, 2012

A non-budget 4 hour mid day festival of experimental – folk and ambient music.

Circuit bending jam and children techno.

If it rains we move the festivities inside at Mayhem.

Playing are:

Runar Magnusson
Pétur Eyvindsson
Own road
Acorn falling
Frederik Tiege


Sunday 13th may.

From 14 – 18.

Ragnhildgade 1.

2100 CPH.

Vindva Mei live in Copenhagen, supporting Orphx from Canada.

April 11, 2012

Return of investment 13

Vindva Mei is performing live in Copenhagen, supporting the mighty Orphx from Canada.

I have played with them a couple of times in Canada before and it will be great to play with them here in Denmark, this time with my duo Vindva Mei.

Concert will take place @Mayhem, Ragnhildsgade 1. Copenhagen.

DJs Sly Nein + Bue Thastum

Vj & laser : Deadpixels +  Sprout [Max beta]

12.april. Doors open 8pm.


Runar Magnusson live in Copenhagen 8th of april

April 7, 2012

Release party for danish bands Pinkunoizu & Selvhenter. April 8. At Mayhem.

Danish bands Pinkunoizu and Selvhenter present new releases at Mayhem.

Pinkunoizu/Selvhenter – kl. 20.30

Nils Gröndahl – kl. 21.30

Runar Magnusson – kl. 22.30

Ragnhildgade 1, 2100, Kbh Ø, København, Denmark
Check out Selvhenter´s new release here
Pinkunoizu here

Runar Magnusson supporting John Duncan in Copenhagen

January 19, 2012

John Duncan live in Copenhagen 9.feb. 2012


KNTN presents:




I will playing with sound artist and organizer T.R.Kirstein (of Lights People), Petur Eyvindsson (from Evil Madness and Vindva Mei) &  Ymers Pizza (trombone player from  Selvhenter.)

Mayhem, Ragnhildgade 1

9. februar/ kl 20. / Entré 50,-

Flyer design by Sabrina Joy

Vindva Mei – Dirty Classics is out.

January 19, 2012

Vindva Mei - Dirty Classics

Vindva Mei – Dirty Classics

Catalog #HKMC2



1. Authority & Domination 

2. Report On The Arrival Of Strangers From Outer Space

3. Scan Complete 

4. Some Forms Of Life 

5. Lack Of Oversensitivity 

6. Haunted Vibes

7. A – B


1. Second Report

2. Preparations

3. Hope Is Not A Dream

4. Your Brain Is Not On File

5. Another Star (With Valtýr Björn Thors on guitar)

Recorded by Vindva Mei in Reykjavik, Iceland 1995 – 1996 using cassette decks, VHS video recorders, 4-track tape recorders, A-B looping on CD players, various guitar pedals and analog synthesizers. 

All tracks previously unreleased except a couple were made available as as a part of an optional add-on folder for the Options USB drive, released by Hljóðaklettar in 2009. 

Otherwise this has not seen the light of day before.

© 2011 Vindva Mei

2011 Hljóðaklettar

Order info at Hljodaklettar