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Current activities: Edition#

February 10, 2019

Lately i have been working on a new project called Edition#. (webpage in the making)

Edition# is a collaboration between the two sound artists Yann Coppier (F/DK) & Runar Magnusson (IS/DK).
Working with sound installations, digital art, recordings & performances.

First installation will be opened in 15th. of march 2019 in Copenhagens new art space Urum – Institute for Efterklang. Located in an old watertower. A fantastic building with a mindboggling acoustics. Its challenging and fun to work there.

Recent activites: Concert in Alte Schmiede Wien Musikwerkstatt

February 10, 2019

In november i played my first concert in Vienna for a long time.  I shared the stage with italian surrealist Francesco Cavaliere at the wonderful Alte Schmiede Wien Musikwerkstatt. Organized by Azephal+Aleph.  I played a version of some of the work that was made the previous event with Brandauer reads Bowie. Working with sounds extracted from images of Bowie, Brian Eno & Brandauer. Manipulated voice, guitar pedals and SOMA Lyra-8 synth.

Recent activites: Brandauer reads Bowie

February 10, 2019

Brandauer reads Bowie at Galerie Gugging last october was a great success. It sold out in few minutes.

Klaus Maria Brandauer read lyrics by David Bowie, mainly from the album Outside.

It was truly magnificent to experience Brandauer work and perform. It was great to work with Jana Irmert on the soundscape and hopefully we will work together again. Thanks to Michael Martinek and Fabrique Records to set it up with galerie gugging. A truely amazing place dedicated to Art Brut / outsider art.

Read more here about the connection of David Bowie and Gugging, the inspiration for this project.

Hopefully this team will be working together again soon.


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Thank you to The Danish Arts Foundation

October 2, 2017

I am grateful to the Danish Arts Foundation to decide to support my work. I received a development grant to work on an idea of mine. It allows me to work for several months on developing this project. It is a mixture of a music drama and installation, crossing a bit into computer game work and working in a way with audio-only virtual reality. Looking into various tools, learning new stuff and hopefully coming up with something interesting.

Okey, silence is golden…but..

January 11, 2017

Not that i have ceased to exist, but my online presence has almost but…

I have been dedicating myself to raise my child, been at home with him for almost a couple of years. Only breaking off to do work for a couple of exhibitions.

I have relocated to Vienna recently and am working on a few of projects, one being an exhibition at Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, in Copenhagen. An exhibition called “Harvesting Rare Earth” by artist Jacob Remin. With sounds by Yann Coppier and myself. This is my second project with Jacob. I did music for his previous exhibition, “Cloud Computing” at DIAS in Vallensbæk, Denmark.  I am working on a new homepage and we will hopefully see some renewed activity going on now.

Residency at EMS

October 21, 2013

Early next year I will be spending some time at EMS in Stockholm to prepare a new multichannel piece. It is work I will be premiering in Iceland next spring. I look forward to stay at the EMS studios once more, a lovely, inspiring place to work in.


iceland airwaves and other stuff

October 21, 2013

I will soon be performing at Iceland Airwaves festival.

I am a part of ‘Höfnin Hljómar’ cd release showcase programmed by canadian label Yatra Arts.

This is a compilation cd with icelandic “experimental” electronic music.

A lot of other stuff is coming up in iceland for me the coming year, exciting marathon, multichannel concert and a couple of theatre and performance art related projects. I hope these project become reality. It would be nice to be able do do so much work in Iceland. More info later when things get confirmed.