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A new (and first) digital release on Bandcamp

May 1, 2021

I am happy to announce my first release on the Bandcamp platform.

A digital EP containing 2 tracks that i have recently made to accompany video works by Austrian artist Josef Trattner.

Here is one of the videos by Josef Trattner. The work is called Monochrome 100.

Showing 100 beautiful paintings he made, painted with red wine from South Tyrol, North Italy. Different type of redwine for each painting. Each one has it’s own shade of red.

2 new releases by Edition#

December 4, 2020

Edition# releases 2 new releases on Bandcamp.

This release was born as a sound installation in the decommissioned water tower, Brønshøj Vandtårn in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The 10-speaker installation opened in early 2019 and played for half a year. This is a recording of the installation in the space itself, as the structure’s fantastic acoustics end up playing the music it is fed. Thus becoming the sound source in itself. Mixed to binaural – use headphones.

The release exists as well as a virtual sound art gallery called Edition#3 – spaces, in which the listener is invited to walk into the redefined space, creating his/her own point of view. More information on this and other work by Edition# (Coppier & Magnusson):

A live performance by duo Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson in the decommissioned water tower, Brønshøj Vandtårn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Playing a minimalistic electronic instruments setup while using the tower itself, hitting and scraping various surfaces with contact microphones. 

This was recorded using 5 omnidirectional microphones placed in an inner circle around the duo, within the original 10-speaker circle. 
Mixed to binaural – use headphones. 


Concert in Vienna

September 9, 2020

I am very much looking forward to play live in Vienna tomorrow, 10th of september,

Supporting the legendary duo Étant Donnés at Grillx, Peterplatz 1, 1010 Vienna.

Organized by Liccht


Doors: 20.00
Runar Magnusson: 20.45
Etant Donnes: 21.45

Expect a lot of action from Étant Donnés (i think) and a very little action from me (I think). Opposite poles.

Facebook Event here

Edition#3 – spaces. A new release.

April 10, 2020

Edition# is proud to present our first release, Edition#3 – spaces.


This is a virtual sound art gallery, a expanded recreation of our physical 10 speaker sound installation Edition#1 – a soft fall that played in the decommissioned waterpower, Bronshoj Vandtaarn in Copenhagen last year.

This is a free downloadable app for Mac / PC.

Please visit to access it.


February 20, 2020


music for film

February 16, 2020


I am working on music for an art film by Austrian artist Josef Trattner. For a work that will be exhibited at his show opening at the Kiesler Foundation (Österreichische Friedrich und Lillian Kiesler-Privatstiftung) on the 27th of February.

Kill & Kaoss

February 16, 2020


I am playing @AKUSMONAUTIKUM in the old Traktorfabrik in Vienna on Saturday 21.february. There are any artists doing up 20 minutes sets, the evening starts at 8pm.

Other artists same evening are: Konstantin Kuzmanovski Christian Tschinkel Bernhard Weiss Christoph Gruber Cherem e Chuzpe Pikarot.

Check out Akusmonautikum´s facebook page

Coming activities: Concert at Fluc, Vienna.

February 3, 2020

I am doing a live performance at Fluc, Vienna. Also playing is Aquiles Hadjis.

I will be exploring a minimal hardware setup, using Elektron Analog Rhythm, Elektron Octatrack and Ensoniq DP/4. Expect spaced out, dirty, improv meditations.

8pm, @ FLUC, praterstern 5
Vienna, Austria 1020.


Recent activity: Heavy Mental Superheroes

February 3, 2020

On January 17th I participated in the performance meditations Heavy Mental in the ORF´s Funkhaus, organised by Ö1´s Kunstradio.


Together with artists Josef Trattner and Esther Vörösmarty, I performed 3 Heavy Mental meditations for live audience in the studio as a part of the international birthday celebration of Art itself.

After the performances we played a live concert on air for 40 minutes at Ö1.

Josef Trattner   as Batman, Esther Vörösmarty as Batgirl and Runar Magnusson as Elvis.

Recent activities. A 7 ” release.

February 3, 2020


Late last year I released a split 7″ on the Icelandic label Móatún7 (sold out).  On one side was my work “Unreasonable Fables Of Isolation & Insecurity” and on the other side Icelandic artist Futuregrapher with the track “Far Beyond The Stars”. You can get the digital release on the Móatún7 bandcamp site and other online retailers and streaming services.