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Edition# is a duo consisting of sound artists Yann Coppier (FR) and Runar Magnusson (IS/DK).  They met in 2015 while performing for a live spacewalk streamed from the International Space Station, as parts of the noise collective Audionauts, and have since then collaborated on several occasions, both live and in the studio. The project Edition# was finalised in 2018, as an attempt to bring the ideas they have been sharing about sound installations and sound art into reality. Working both in physical and virtual spaces, and developing unusual scores, recording methods and live performances.

Their debut work “Edition#1 – A Soft Fall ” opened in March 2019 as the opening installation at Copenhagen´s new space for sound-light & installation art Urum, in Brønshøj Vandtårn. A 6 month long installation in 40-second reverberant water tower cathedral.

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