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Extreme Chill Festival last week.

October 13, 2022

It was great to play at the Extreme Chill Festival this year. It was the first time I played live for over 3 years. And first time in the old country for probably 8 years. The festival was great, really good lineup and I had a lot of fun.

I played at the opening night, materials from recent and coming releases such as Komplett Kollaps – a dedication to Johann Johannsson, Sub-Photic Scenario (out soon on a CD), both as a collaborative release between Erototox Decodings & Hljóðaklettar. (Hljóðaklettar having been dormant for a long time, the homepage sadly not updated yet). I played stuff from Potent Lucid Daydreaming Portal With Profound Astral Attraction and Red Wine & Foam that are released on my Bandcamp page (where you can find 5 releases since 2021). And stuff released on compilations the last few years and unreleased stuff. I layered bits & pieces from these various projects and weaved them into a one concise performance. Or as one of the main icelandic music critics said about the set when taking about the evening “Excellent set, dark, concise, beautiful”

It was great to see Klara Lewis, Aristókrasía (Úlfur Eldjárn), KMRU, Fennesz, Maria W Horn, Meitei, Eraldo Bernocci & Christopher Chaplin, Stereo Hypnosis, Kira Kira and Úlfur. There was a lot of stuff i missed as well.

Photos by Ómar Sverrisson & Kristinn Magnusson.

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