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Komplett Kollaps – a dedication to Jóhann Jóhannsson

September 19, 2022

I am happy to announce that my new release Komplett Kollaps – a dedication to Jóhann Jóhannsson is out today on Jóhann´s birthday.

Available now on Bandcamp, as a digital release with a pre-order for the vinyl. You can stream it or purchase via the various streaming services and online shops.

It is a released in collaboraton between the excellent Erototox Decodings and Hljóðaklettar. First activity for Hljóðaklettar in a long time, except for the regular Rous Radio mixes. (More releases on the way.)

This project started in the days after the death of my friend Jóhann Jóhannsson.
I was going through my hard drives listening to and working with sounds Jóhann had given to me for various reasons through the years. Some are parts of music that was to be released, some was master files for coming releases, I had provided some sound manipulation for some stuff and acted as a third ear on some releases. But main sound source was a recording in Copenhagen in 2007, where Jóhann was improvising on the church organ of Hellig Kors Kirke in Nørrebro. He recorded it to study the possibilities of the organ and gave me the recordings to use, which I did later that year when I supported his concert at the magnificent Marble Church in Copenhagen and later made a track that became available on a limited edition tape released by Hljóðaklettar. That track, “Dr. Diablo Plays The Organ” became a blueprint for this project and is included here as well.

This is a dedication Jóhann as well as an insight into my own state of mind at the time, a mental collapse which, in part was triggered by Jóhann´s death in february, 2018 and I did not start to see the darkness lift until the summer of 2021 when I finally sought out professional help. I got the diagnosis ADHD which helped me understand a lot about my life. In that period between 2018 and 2021 I had 3 releases almost ready but had not been able to finish until I got the diagnosis. Only after the fact and after the darkness lifted I could see that these three releases are connected and form a trilogy that show the mental state I was in, an incapacitating, downward spiral, a crushing chaos but in the end searching for the light and a way out of the maze and up to the surface.

I would like to thank:
My wife Gerda and my son Benedikt for the patience in tough times.
Jóhann´s estate for guiding me in the process.
Chandra of Erototox Decodings for the patience and trust.
Goddur & Bjarni H. Þórarinson for the beautiful artwork.
Yann for the endurance and mastery in the mastering process
KODA for supporting this work
And of course Jóhann Jóhannsson, i miss him dearly.

Composed, mixed and produced in 2018 – 2021 @Trans Europe Studios in Vienna & Copenhagen by Runar Magnusson (Except Dr. Diablo Plays The Organ in 2010)

Mastered in Copenhagen by Yann Coppier

Cover Artwork: Bjarni H. Þórarinson
Graphic design: Goddur
© & ℗ all rights reserved

Supported by KODA #Kodakultur

sneak peak:

Another album is on the way from Erototox Decodings/Hljóðaklettar. It will be a CD and is called it Sub-photic Scenario. It is in a way related to Komplett Kollaps. Made in the same period and in the same state of mind. It is inspired by the bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea. Here is a little peak at a part of the cover art.

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