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A sneak peek to upcoming releases

November 17, 2021

Good stuff happening on the release front. I have received the artwork for my coming LP – “Komplett Kollaps – a dedication to Jóhann Jóhannsson” A very fitting, beautiful artwork by Icelandic outsider artist Bjarni H. Þórarinson & graphic design by professor Goddur. Bjarni is an artist both Jóhann and myself have always loved. I have always wanted art by him (or a Vísirós as he calles them). So when I approced him with the idea that he would provide artwork for the release and explained what it was about, I was so happy that he wanted to do it. And I was blown away by the artwork he sent. When the release is out I will write more about Bjarni and his artwork and his Vísiakademia theories. Final packaging is being designed now. As the situation in vinyl production is in dire straits it will take a long time to get out on the streets, so expect late next year.

The image is a a small part of the artwork.

Also my coming CD, Sub-Photic Scenario is being mastered. This release is inspired by the bioluminescence of the creatures of the deep dark sea. And at the same time exploring my own period of dark depression, trying to find the light under crushing, paralysing pressure of depression.

Here are some comments from the mastering engineer:

“it is all movement in the very lower end, shaking …but it sounds awesome.”

“so rejoice, as I am NOT going to make it into something standard. Also know that it would kill ANY vinyl, so never attempt to put it out on vinyl”

“I see this as an exercise destined to good listening equipment”

“it could potentially give you a nice headache, but surprisingly I don’t seem to get tired after a few hours”

“Jesus man that second track”

“…Currents Collide. A seriously dangerous one to master if you ask anyone in their right mind!”

Both releases to be releases by EROTOTOX DECODINGS.

A third release, a cassette tape called Inside Out of Chaos will be out on Tapeworm.

I was working on all three releases in the same period, a very difficult, dark time for me. Where I was battling depression and dealing with loss of both a good friend and my father. I had labels willing to release these projects for a while but in my condition I could not finish them. Only after I got professional help and got diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year, there was a heavy cloud that lifted and I could see and understand a lot of things that I had been battling. And I could see that these 3 releases are related, they are describing my state of mind, moving in darkness searching for a some light to guide me out of this paralyzing state I was in. I am relieved that this triology is on it´s way out into the world, finally seeing the light of day after having been just as stuck in the dark as I had been.

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  1. Mkl Anderson permalink
    November 22, 2021 4:28 pm

    I am glad you are feeling better!

    Much love,

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