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2 new releases by Edition#

December 4, 2020

Edition# releases 2 new releases on Bandcamp.

This release was born as a sound installation in the decommissioned water tower, Brønshøj Vandtårn in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The 10-speaker installation opened in early 2019 and played for half a year. This is a recording of the installation in the space itself, as the structure’s fantastic acoustics end up playing the music it is fed. Thus becoming the sound source in itself. Mixed to binaural – use headphones.

The release exists as well as a virtual sound art gallery called Edition#3 – spaces, in which the listener is invited to walk into the redefined space, creating his/her own point of view. More information on this and other work by Edition# (Coppier & Magnusson):

A live performance by duo Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson in the decommissioned water tower, Brønshøj Vandtårn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Playing a minimalistic electronic instruments setup while using the tower itself, hitting and scraping various surfaces with contact microphones. 

This was recorded using 5 omnidirectional microphones placed in an inner circle around the duo, within the original 10-speaker circle. 
Mixed to binaural – use headphones. 


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