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Edition# Live

September 18, 2019

Edition# (Coppier&Magnusson) played a concert in Brønshøj Watertower on the 5th of September 2019 to mark the ending of their 10 speaker soundinstallation ‘Edition#1 – A soft fall’ that had been playing in the tower over the summer, as the opening installation in the new artspace Urum – Institute for Efterklang in the old watertower in Brønshøj a suburb of Copenhagen. An amazing structure with a massive reverb, one of the longest in Denmark with up to 40 seconds.

The 2 hour long concert was played on the same 10 speaker soundsystem using a Monome Aleph and a Sequentix Cirklon sequencer controlling a MacBeth Elements analog synthesiser that was processed via a specialised software as a main soundsource. Other soundsources were Lom Electroslush electromagnetic listening device, a thunder maker and contact microphones placed in various places in the tower. Sounds from the audience moving around the tower is also a part of the general soundscape.
The concert was recorded with 5 microphones and we are in the process of editing the recording for a future release.

With support from the Danish Art Foundation. #statenskunstfond  #kunstgørenforskel.


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