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Mika Vainio – Triode Kuvaputki

May 25, 2019

I am very happy to be a part of this exhibition.

A tribute to the late great Mika Vainio (of Pan Sonic).


Triode Kuvaputki (53 min, one minute for each year of Mika’s life).

In 1999, Finnish electronic arch experimentalists Mika Vainio and IIpo Vaisanen, embarked on their legendary Around the World Tour as Pan Sonic, along with artist Edward Quist as visualizer and documentarian. The collaboration culminated in the seminal film Kuvaputki (Cathode Ray Tube). In 2017, a tragic accident in Normandy, France took Mika Vainio’s life, leaving behind a monumental body of work. His work with Ilpo Vaisanen as Pan Sonic, and numerous solo works and collaborations across the art world, illustrate his influence over a generation. After asking some of Vainio’s sound art contemporaries, and the emergent drivers of the new generation, to contribute a soundscape in Mika’s memory, Quist reinterpreted some of the film ‘s methods as a kind of spiritual sequel for a post Vainio landscape. Twenty years after Kuvaputki, with a poignant capstone composition by Ilpo Vaisanen, and Dirk Dresselhaus as die Angel, Triode Kuvaputki is intended to be as ever evolving a work as its progenitor.

Soundtrack Featuring:
die Angel (Ilpo Väisänen and Dirk Dresselhaus)
Alyssa Auvinen (LDY OSC)
Johannes Auvinen (TIN MAN)
John Duncan
Paul Kendall
Runar Magnússon
Chris Latina (Article Collection)
QVORG (Derek Gruen and Edward Quist)
Edward Quist (embryoroom)
Brian Ratigan (NonFilms)
Chandra Shukla (XAMBUCA)
Mo H. Zareei (mHz)

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