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Edition#1 – A Soft Fall

March 8, 2019

Edition# presents Edition#1 – A Soft Fall.

Location: Urum – Institute for Efterklang.

Brønshøj Vandtårn (Bronshoj Watertower), Brønshøjvej 29, 2700 Brønshøj, Denmark.

Time: Opens on march 15th at 4pm. Will be running almost every thursday & friday from 1pm – 5pm until august 1. There will be some gaps where it will not be playing. Check or the facebook event for information.


Edition#, consisting of Runar Magnusson and Yann Coppier, are attempting to reveal the depths of the water tower to its listeners. Together they create a non-intrusive and warm room in the massive concrete, reverberant structure, filtering out the sounds from the outside while exploring the foundations of what makes this alien yet functional piece of architecture a unique place to experience using one’s ears.

Edition#1 – A soft fall played on 10 loudspeakers in a place where the sound constantly plays with its own shadow, painting the walls with swirling sound while bursts of noise and percussive elements reveal the room like lightnings would do in total darkness.

The exploration will consist of three parts: an installation to set the fundaments for a new world, a concert to bring new life to it, and a virtual release to keep it alive in a parallel universe.



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