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Some reviews about Reptilicus & Senking – Unison

February 10, 2019

covercd say: ” The experimentalist nature of the collaborators also makes for some notable variety in songs and approaches. The way that sustained tones coalesce out of the substrata on “For Decades” before being filtered back into pure ambience is unlike anything else present, acting as an impassive glacier in the midst of its more rhythmic neighbours. “Independent Access to White Noise” borders on twee-IDM in its initial moments of melody, but rapidly subverts those tropes with broken rhythms and tweaky sequences that criss cross the track in unpredictable ways.”

Sideline says “Unison is an album you’ve to listen to several times. It’s sophisticated and sometimes deeply experimental, but I like its accessibility. The great sound treatments and IDM touch mixed with some down-tempo cadence are getting the tracks fascinating. The work is filled with great analogue effects, deep-vibrating sequences, cold sound treatments and a constant mix between industrial- and space-like sounds. ”

A Miscellany Of Tasteful…say:  “This collaboration bore fruit in the recording you hear here.  A lot of the material is reminiscent of early Industrial experiments (think more about early Cabaret Voltaire than Throbbing Gristle or NON), yet with a far crisper, dynamic sound.  Reptilicus has since become augmented with Rúnar serving as third member, and it is our hope that this unit continue to record.”

Flux says: A perfect example of experimental electronic music with a cause and direction, Unison offers way more than interesting sounds and cerebral solutions. Any track has its own story and can be enjoyed for its musicality, be it hidden or clearly displayed. A good measure of human emotions and electronic coldness conjures a moody sound, in which light and darkness have their say. The expertise of the involved artists allows us to experience both an artistic piece of music, both an enjoyable affair with genuine musical elements.

Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir at Morgunbladid says:


Arnar Eggert says:


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