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Vindva Mei – Dirty Classics is out.

January 19, 2012

Vindva Mei - Dirty Classics

Vindva Mei – Dirty Classics

Catalog #HKMC2



1. Authority & Domination 

2. Report On The Arrival Of Strangers From Outer Space

3. Scan Complete 

4. Some Forms Of Life 

5. Lack Of Oversensitivity 

6. Haunted Vibes

7. A – B


1. Second Report

2. Preparations

3. Hope Is Not A Dream

4. Your Brain Is Not On File

5. Another Star (With Valtýr Björn Thors on guitar)

Recorded by Vindva Mei in Reykjavik, Iceland 1995 – 1996 using cassette decks, VHS video recorders, 4-track tape recorders, A-B looping on CD players, various guitar pedals and analog synthesizers. 

All tracks previously unreleased except a couple were made available as as a part of an optional add-on folder for the Options USB drive, released by Hljóðaklettar in 2009. 

Otherwise this has not seen the light of day before.

© 2011 Vindva Mei

2011 Hljóðaklettar

Order info at Hljodaklettar

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