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Runar Magnusson – Lennon, Lynch & Lang. A new release for free download

July 26, 2011

 suRRism – Phonoethics have released Lennon, Lynch & Lang by Runar Magnusson 

Lennon, Lynch & Lang

Runar Magnusson - Lennon, Lynch & Lang

This piece is made for a performance in Reykjavik 12. october 2010.
A Hljóðaklettar event, pre-concert for the Airwaves festival.
Using samples from John Lennon, David Lynch & Fritz Lang.
Check out Hljodaklettar for more info on events and releases.
Composed and mixed in Reykjavik Iceland by Runar Magnusson.
Cover photo: 3 figures by Runar Magnusson

For the live performance of this work were live electronics, 3 guitarists (Helgi Hauks & Valtyr Thors of Graupan and Petur Eyvindsson of Evil Madness and Vindva Mei), a vocalist (Kristinn Magnusson aka The Crying Cowboy), and the amazing danish band Selvhenter (2 drums, a saxophone, a violin and a trombone). This was a one off performance that unfortunately did not get recorded. It was filmed but i have yet to see the outcome of that.

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