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Concert for the Dreamachines, Runar Magnusson & TR Kirstein at the Peberdaemon exhibition

April 11, 2011

TR Kirstein and Runar Magnusson will perform live by the Dreamachines at the Peberdaemon exhibition at BKS Garage in Copenhagen.

The Exhibition is curated by the Danish artist TR Kirstein and focuses on soundart.

Various live performances are going on through out the week in collaboration with TR Kirstein.

Runar Magnusson and Hljodaklettar have a good presentation at the exhibition with the installation “The Heathen Harp – A Pärt For The Dreamachines”, and installation with 3 dreamachines and a 25 minute long soundtrack by Runar. And the Hljodaklettar altar, a presentation of the releases of Hljodaklettar.


Concert for the dreamachines - Runar Magnusson & TR Kirstein

The concert is on Thursday at 8pm. BKS Garage, Ny Carlsbergvej 68, Copenhagen V.

entré 40 DKK.



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