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Vélaðar Strokur and other strokes…

March 18, 2011

I will be performing a short work with a string quartet later this month.

This is a rework of the piece Kontur des Fühles, for string quartet and electronics by Ejnar Kanding.
I was asked to do a rework of the piece along with 2 danish composers, Morten Riis & Rune Søchting.
So there will be 3 versions of the piece played.
Messekvartetten will also be playing new works by and with Ejnar Kanding, MBD73 & Jacob Kirkegaard.

The event will be at Medicinsk Museion

March 27. 2011.

Kl. 16.00.
1. MBD73 – Memory Pieces
2. Jacob Kirkegaard – Labyrinthitis


Kl. 18.00
1. Runar Magnusson – Vélaðar Strokur (10.00) min. (uropf.) 2010
2. Morten Riis – Feelings, so much more that feelings (10.00) min. (uropf.) 2010
3. Rune Søchting – KdF_moiré (10.00) min. (uropf.) 2010
4. Ejnar Kanding – Sich Hingab * (7.30) min 2010

violin I – Andrea Rebekka Alsted
violin II – Signe Ane Andersen
viola – Eva Katrine Dalsgaard
cello – Therese Åstrand

Ejnar Kanding
Morten Riis
Rune Søchting
Runar Magnusson

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