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RÓSA – an USB compilation with an international group of female artists

January 14, 2011

Rósa’ (Catalog #HKUSB2)

This is a multimedia USB drive in the shape of an oversized tampon, containing music, videos, and 2D art. There are 17 artists, representing 10 countries included in this release. The run is limited to 65 hand numbered units.




Anna Ceeh

Birta Thrastardottir

Björk Viggósdóttir


Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir

Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen

Melissa Roberts

Mia Mäkilä


Nicki McCubbing

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir

Sabrina Joy

Sophia Maj


The Black Madonna



Pre-Order Information
Please Paypal $25.00/€19 + shipping to paypal (at)

Shipping Costs
North & South America: $8/ €6
Asia: $8/ €6
EU: $8/ €6
Please include your shipping address with the payment information.


More info at

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