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Hljóðaklettar at Soundcloud

October 5, 2010

Up to the Airwaves festival, Hljóðaklettar has for a limited period of time posted the audio from the Hljóðaklettar Dress Up tape release on soundcloud.

Check it out. Hljóðaklettar Dress Up

1. Olympia – Petur Eyvindsson
2. Free Magic Weed – Evil Madness
3. Big Shadow Montana – Stilluppsteypa & BJNilsen
4. Remonia – Vindva Mei
5. Crying Café (late edition)- The Crying Cowboy & Runar Magnusson
6. Exterio-(P)rism – Dino Felipe
7. Live001 (recorded in Krems 8.5.10) – Reptilicus

1. compact assette – Thor Magnusson
2. JarreSchulze – BJNilsen
3. UPlifttheMind – Takeshi Muto
4. Freeze no Extra – Rudi Müller & Runar Magnusson
5. Captain of Love – Hunk Of A Man
6. Dr. Diablo – Johann Johannsson & Runar Magnusson
7. Kjallari Keisarans – Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
8. Dimitri – Helgi Thorsson
9. Stadion – DJ Musician

Compiled by Sabrina Joy & Runar Magnusson

Released by: Hljodaklettar
Release/catalogue number: HKMC1
Release date: Jun 17, 2010

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